Russell, Eric Frank – Wasp

Russell, Eric Frank - WaspGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Permabook
Number: 4120
Publication Date: 1959
Edition: 1st Printing
Cover Artist: Unknown


“We want you to become a WASP,” said the Secret Service man. “See this picture? Four men dead, a car smashed, all because a tiny insect was buzzing around. A tiny insect which caused panic, destruction and death. Under the right circumstances, one man can shake a government.”

“You want mw to be that kind of wasp?” asked Mowry. “All right, I volunteer.”

“We knew you would,” said the Secret Service man.

It was an unorthodox way to fight a war, especially an interplanetary war. But sometimes war can be more effectively fought that way. So they changed James Mowry intensively, altered his appearance by surgery and sent him off across the void to Jaimec, the ninety-fourth planet of Sirius, to stampede an empire.

  1. #1 by Margaret Shepherd on April 30, 2013 - 3:36 pm

    This has been my favorite Sci Fi for DECADES. Great book. Did you know: In 1970, Russell was paid £4689 by the Beatles’s company Apple Corps for the motion picture rights to his novel Wasp, the contract being signed on behalf of Apple by Ringo Starr. The film was never made…

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