Piper, H. Beam – Space Viking

Piper, H. Beam - Space VikingGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Ace
Number: F-225
Publication Date: 1963
Edition: PBO
Cover Artist: Unknown


After a galaxy-wide war had left the planetary federation in ruins, every surviving civilized world was on its own. And that was a perfect setup for the marauders from the far-out rim.

Trask was one of those dreaded Space Vikings, a warrior spaceman with a crew and a ship that struck terror to a thousand worlds. But Trask had a special personal interest in scourging the stars – he wanted to draw upon himself the fire of a certain enemy – a renegade planet-wrecker with a yen for galactic empire-building.

SPACE VIKING is H. Beam Piper’s greatest novel of interstellar adventure.

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