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Margulies, Leo – Selected Western Stories

Margulies, Leo - Selected Western StoriesGenre: Western
Publisher: Popular Library
Number: 187
Publication Date: 1949
Edition: 1st Edition
Cover Artist: Unknown


Though civilization has entered into an atomic age marked by miracles of science, there remains one era in our history that holds the unrivalled affection of Americans everywhere.

Those stormy decades when pioneers were carving an empire out of the untamed West live on in the countless books and stories written about the frontier. The cowboy, the sheriff and the hard rock miner are dear to the hearts of all of us.

And so in this collection of stories by such tophand authors as Will James, B.M. Bower, Owen Wister, Henry Herbert Knibbs and others, you will find all the thrills, color and action of the West as it really was!


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Parsons, E.M. – Texas Heller

Parsons, E.M. - Texas HellerGenre: Western
Publisher: Dell
Number: A191
Publication Date: 1959
Edition: 1st Printing
Cover Artist: Robert Stanley



“Coy Quillen,” the man said. “Well, I’ll be damned. You ain’t very smart coming back to Texas. Folks around here heard you got killed at Gettysburg. Most allowed it was a good thing, too. Yeah, I heard all about you, Turncoat!”

Quillen kept his voice even. “I fought for the Union because I believed in what they stood for. I’m back in Two Trees because it’s my home.”

The eyes that faced Quillen were cold and full of hate. “Well, that’s real neighborly of you. Here’s something for you to think about when you walk down the street and you can’t see what’s at your back. The South is whipped. And you helped. The only government in Texas is wearing uniforms just like yours. You’re going to be real popular – just like a sitting duck.”

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Brand, Max – Single Jack

Brand, Max - Single JackGenre: Western
Publisher: Pocket Books
Number: 950
Publication Date: 1953
Edition: 1st Printing
Cover Artist: Stanley Borack


“…Three bullets through my body. They got me, Jack. I’m finished!”

Single Jack Deems looked down at the gasping body of young Dave Apperley. “Who did it, Dave? Tell me who did it.”

“McGruder, Westover, Mandell…the Shodress gang,” Apperley whispered.

Slowly Single Jack took the dying man’s hand. “Dave,” he said, and his voice was deep and sure, “those buzzards are as good as dead. From now on I’ll let my gun do the talking!”

The Shodress gang was riding fast and high until it met up with Single Jack Deems – an hombre with a long memory and two short-barrelled Colts loaded for action!

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Short, Luke – Fiddlefoot

Short, Luke - FiddlefootGenre: Western
Publisher: Bantam
Number: 854
Publication Date: 1949
Edition: 1st Printing
Cover Artist: Unknown


Stick with me – or HANG!

Frank Chess was soft – and crooked. The town of Rifle knew – and pitied him. The men of Saber knew – and despised him. Rhino Hulst knew – and used him.

But there was something they didn’t know.

Frank Chess was through with the gang, the dirty jobs, the rotten schemes, the cheating – through with Rhino Hulst…

and he was all through running away!

But it wasn’t that easy. A frame-up – a murderous doublecross – and the final explosion of red, killing rage.

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Artist Profile: Barbara Remington

Barbara Remington is an American artist and illustrator. Born in Minnesota, she is probably best known for her cover-art for Ballantine Books‘ first paperback edition of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s novel The Lord of the Rings.

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Artist Profile: Jack Gaughan

Jack Gaughan (September 24, 1930 – July 21, 1985) was an American science fiction artist and illustrator who won the Hugo Award several times. Working primarily with Donald A. Wollheim at Ace Books and later DAW Books, and also Galaxy Magazine during the late 1960s, his simple linear style brought to life unforgettable images of such classics as Andre Norton‘s Witch World Novels and Edward Elmer Smith‘s Lensmen and Skylark novels (for which he did two related sets of Pyramid Books covers). His broad visual vocabulary enabled him to render the objects, spaceships and scenes in whatever was presented to him as they were described in the books and stories he illustrated.

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Tolkien, J.R.R – The Hobbit

Tolkien, J.R.R – The HobbitGenre: Fantasy
Publisher: Ballantine
Number: U7039
Publication Date: 1965
Edition: 1st Printing
Cover Artist: Barbara Remington


In this delightful and enthralling tale, J.R.R. Tolkien first created the imperishable world of fantasy called Middle-earth and those charming, lilliputian creatures – the Hobbits – whose adventures continue in “The Lord of the Rings.”

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