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Yerby, Frank – The Garfield Honor

Yerby, Frank - The Garfield HonorGenre: Romance
Publisher: Pocket Books
Number: GC-141
Publication Date: 1962
Edition: 1st Printing
Cover Artist: Unknown


She moved into him. Curved, fitted. The perfumed warmth, her deft fingers….

Then he felt the hardness of metal against his chest! He looked down, saw the snub-nosed .41-caliber derringer she was holding against him.

“Now,” she said, “I’m going to have fun – my way. We’ll just lie here. I’ll kiss you – but keep your hands off me.”

Then she kissed him, holding that gun against him – moved in closer, until only the derringer separated them…


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Williams, Ben Ames – It’s a Free Country

Williams, Ben Ames - It's a Free CountryGenre: Romance
Publisher: Popular Library
Number: 308
Publication Date: 1951
Edition: 1st Edition
Cover Artist: George Rozen


“Please, don’t Eddie!”

Lene May’s frantic plea was silenced by the burning pressure of Eddie’s mouth on hers. Against her will she found herself yeilding… That brief moment of ecstacy led to a hurried marriage in which their dream of young love became a nightmare of reality. Their farm failed, forcing them to go on relief. Eddie turned drinker and idler. And for Lena there was always the endless cycle of housework and unwanted children. Desperately she clung to her love for her daughter, Lenora. No sacrifice was too great if Lenora could find the happiness she had missed. Then one night Lenora came to Lena with a tragic tale of trouble that sent Lena’s world crashing about her head. A powerful drama of young lovers crushed by the wheel of life!

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Maugham, W. Somerset – The Gentleman in the Parlour

Maugham, W. Somerset - The Gentleman in the ParlourGenre: Romance
Publisher: Avon
Number: 129
Publication Date: 1947
Edition: 1st Edition
Cover Artist: Unknown

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Dunlap, Katharine – Encore for Love

Dunlap, Katharine - Encore for LoveGenre: Romance
Publisher: Bantam
Number: 412
Publication Date: 1948
Edition: 1st Edition
Cover Artist: Unknown


Oriane was very much in love…once. When her husband died the happiness she had so recklessly counted upon to last for always vanished in a moment.

Rene was very much in love… once… with a girl who was married before he ever met her.

Both thought they would never again go below the surface and awaken those deeper feelings which only bring more pain.

But when these two people found each other, could they resist the engulfing tide of love?

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