Vinge, Joan D. – Fireship

Vinge, Joan D. - FireshipGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Dell
Number: 15794
Publication Date: 1978
Edition: 1st Printing
Cover Artist: Unknown



Ethan Ring was an incredible synthesis of man (to be candid, not much of one) and computer (superior to anything ever before devised). Unhappily, his talents had made earth too hot for him, to the tune of a half-million-dollar price on his head, and he fled to Mars for seclusion, safety, and a little fling at the fabulous casino of Khorram Kabir. For a superman, Ring had no luck – a lovely blackmailer found him and pressured him into agreeing to penetrate Kabir’s planet-wide computer network. That wasn’t a problem – but staying alive after he did it was…

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