Merritt, A. – The Fox Woman

Merritt, A. - The Fox WomanGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Avon
Number: 214
Publication Date: 1949
Edition: 1st Edition
Cover Artist: Unknown


Exotic, Romantic Fantasy

She was a voluptuous and sparkling creature – sometimes she seemed all woman, desirable, human – and sometimes she seemed a fox, sly, cunning, a being of wildness embodying the hidden secrets of nature.

You will read about this intriguing maiden in The Fox Woman, an A. Merritt masterpiece never before made available to the general public. This fine novelette is only one of the nine hard-to-find short stories and novelettes of this first and only collection of Merritt short fantasies.

You will thrill to the strange story of the man who fell in love with a supernaturally beautiful tree nymph and her enchanting sisters in The Women of the Wood.

You will share the passions of the man who snared a Chinese charmer Thru the Dragon Glass. You will be haunted by the tender romance of Three Lines of Old French.

You will find that THE FOX WOMAN AND OTHER STORIES is a treasure-box for readers who like tales of exotic passions, colorful adventures, and brilliant fantasy.

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