Mead, Harold – The Bright Phoenix

Mead, Harold - The Bright PhoenixGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Ballantine
Number: 147
Publication Date: 1956
Edition: PBO
Cover Artist: Richard M. Powers


1951 The Day of the Triffids

1953 Childhood’s End

1956 The Bright Phoenix

From England have come some of the finest science-fiction novels of recent years. Now, to the names of John Wyndham and Arthur C. Clarke, one must add that of another British writer – Harold Mead.

BRIGHT PHOENIX is the story of a “perfect” State, founded on worship of the spirit of Man and dedicated to the mission of resettling the devastated areas of the world. Officers, Workers, Colonists – everyone believed in the State.

Everyone but one man. This is his story – of the Colony he led to the Island…of the primitive race he found there…and of the desperate plan to escape from a Utopia that had become a living hell.

“Richness of texture, really skillful and sympathetic writing and a talent for poignancy make Mr. Mead’s novel very good weight for your money.”

The New Statesman and Nation

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